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Aloha !

I am Inga



Growing up in a suburb of Hamburg Germany, I was raised by my beautiful mother, who was a teacher and my wonderful father, who was a dentist in our town. Although my childhood was filled with material abundance until I was 12 years old, I remember questioning myself if I was adopted or if I really belonged onto this planet- I just never felt to be understood by neither my parents nor any other human being other than my grandmother; everything in my life was pretty much shaped by a belief system of what others could think about me or the family. This was very much ingrained into my mind - unconsciously by my parents own patterning and the German culture - which kept me in a golden looking cage.

 I was 13 years old when I became anorexic. I was hospitalized, went through a battery of therapists, counseling, but the eating disorder, which transformed into bulemia, accompanied me until my late 20ies. And of course this was just the surface. Beneath it all was a little girl, who was not understood, judged a lot by her environment and the culture she grew up in ( which until today is missing the head to heart connection ), who tried to function in a world which was absolutely brutal and foreign to her.

When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2003, I knew right away that the root was to be found in my mind; I knew, if I would not finally get to the bottom of the weight I was carrying, I would just waste this gift of life I had been given and I decided to leave Germany on a quest, to find all the answers, lost pieces and in essence of course myself, in order to not just heal myself but give my life a meaning and the sense I had been looking for.

The following 20 years have been the most challenging, most amazing years of my life.

Through the darkest night of the soul I reached the highest heights I could have never even imagined.

I truly have to say my life is a miracle and I do not want to miss any moment.

20 years ago is when my own path of healing took a turn and guided me to become a healer.

Someone who can hold your hand and guide you through your own journey- as I can feel you.

I have been there.

I am a Pisces sun, cancer rising and a taurus moon. My HD is a Manifestor 6/3, Roler Model and Martyr.

I am a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, certified Life Coach.

But this all does not really matter, does it?! 

Important is how you feel with me. And if you can trust yourself foremost to let me help you however I can.

Lets do this. Together.

Everything is connected.

Every time we are faced with a challenge we actually are asked to grow and shed parts

of us in order to heal a certain element within us.


My spiritual journey & personal healing path of over 35 years has led me to explore various yogic lineages and ancient & indigenous healing techniques from all over the world as Western Medicine did not provide answers - only bandaids.

I invite you to fall in love with your true self, re-establish the body-mind-spirit-connection and awaken to a greater power within yourself.

I currently live in Portugal and teach private & group classes, online classes & offer private coachings as well as healing Workshops and Retreats / Pilgrimages to energetic Meridians of our planet with a group of highly skilled and beautiful individuals.

Please contact me for any questions or details.

+49 162 437 6006

photo by Greg Long


Because of my own healing journey, I always could very much relate to all the destructive ( rather than constructive ) patterns we humans, esspecially women, carry with us. The self defeating image we have about ourselves, which is shaped into form through ancestral inheritance, the way society defines beauty and the way we relate to our body ( rather than to our mind & soul ) construct a very distorted picture of who we truly are and how we see ourselves in the world. 

As a mother and a survivor of anorexia & bulemia, I had to search beyond western medicine and regular therapy, to heal my wounded soul, mind and of course body. Besides my love for photography, I am also a mentor for  self empowerment. My approach to heal the human heart and guide my clients into their fullest potential and happiness is very diverse and depends on your own story.  Photo Therapy is a tool for me to help my clients fall in love with their own beauty through the reflection of my lense. Together we will develop the trust it needs to open up the blocks which prevent us from seeing our own radiance. We all carry this beauty in us and I am looking forward to help you falling in love with yourself - not just in the photograph.

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