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Aloha !

I am Inga



I believe that ALL is connected and I believe in the power of our spirit to raise above all challenges as I have experienced it myself several times in my 46 years in this body.

Every time we are faced with a challenge we actually are asked to grow and shed parts

of us in order to heal a certain element within us.


My spiritual journey & personal healing path of over 34 years has led me to explore various yogic lineages and ancient & indigenous healing techniques from all over the world as Western Medicine did not provide answers - only bandaids.


Through my ability to hold space I guide groups and individuals in the deeply restorative healing practice of Yoga with an expertise in Kundalini Yoga & Soundhealing.

I also offer private holistic Coaching Sessions with a big variety of approaches based on my own healing journey.


Throughout my life Yoga & Meditation have helped me tremendously to heal from anxiety, depression, an eating disorder in my young teenager years, and find emotional balance, self love and restore deep trust in life itself.

I invite you to fall in love with your true self, re-establish the body-mind-spirit-connection and awaken to a greater power within yourself.

I currently reside on Madeira Island and teach private & group classes, online classes & private coaching as well as healing Workshops and Retreats with a group of highly skilled and beautiful individuals.

Please contact me for any questions and details.

+49 162 437 6006

photo by Greg Long


Because of my own healing journey, I always could very much relate to all the destructive ( rather than constructive ) patterns we humans, esspecially women, carry with us. The self defeating image we have about ourselves, which is shaped into form through ancestral inheritance, the way society defines beauty and the way we relate to our body ( rather than to our mind & soul ) construct a very distorted picture of who we truly are and how we see ourselves in the world. 

As a mother and a survivor of anorexia & bulemia, I had to search beyond western medicine and regular therapy, to heal my wounded soul, mind and of course body. Besides my love for photography, I am also a certified mentor for  self empowerment. My approach to heal the human heart and guide my clients into their fullest potential and happiness is very diverse and depends on your own story.  Photo Therapy is a tool for me to help my clients fall in love with their own beauty through the reflection of my lense. Together we will develop the trust it needs to open up the blocks which prevent us from seeing our own radiance. We all carry this beauty in us and I am looking forward to help you falling in love with yourself - not just in the photograph.

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