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Inga Howe-Geniesse

Kristin Howe

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"Photography gives you the opportunity to use your sensibility and everything you are to say something about and be part of the world around you. In this way, you might discover who you are, and with a little luck, you might discover something much larger than yourself."

"For me, every photograph is a portrait of the wholeness ( body, mind and spirit ); You're photographing a relationship with the person/ object you're shooting; there's an exchange, and that's what that picture is."


Born and raised in Northern Germany, from a very early age on, Inga had been fascinated by photography as a tool to express how SHE experienced, felt and saw the world around her and within her. 

Ingas Career started in Fashion PR, where she got to meet many professional Photographers from around the world and learn by observing their work.

When she later moved to New York, she went onto a quest to find herself, traveled into indigeanous healing methods from all parts of the world and dove deep into Yogic Science & Technology, ancient soul healing and Meditation. Through connecting to her true purpose, she picked up the camera again and has been photographing professionally ever since.

One of her most loved projects was the exhibition of "Our Faces" in Chicago, in Cooperation with the Fostercare/Orphan Alliance of the Midwest. 

Focusing on the eyes / face of every individual child, the exhibit would also portrait a short interview with and painting from them. For Inga it was the trifold look into their essence/ soul. Through the depth of their eyes, the written interview and trough their own artistic expression. 

She serves a variety of clients -

Corporate & Private. 

Capturing the essence and spirit in everything she photographs has become her signature.

"There is nothing outside of us. It is all in us."



Born in Hamburg in 1980, Kristin already discovered her love for photography in her early childhood.

First with her father's Nikon, later with her first own SLR, animals quickly turned out to be the favorite and most inspiring motives for her.

In effect, the choice of what to do after school was set and certain, Photography and Arts. Whilst studying Communicational Design at the INGD in the Hamburg, Germany, she visited several courses in abstract painting, arts and of course photography. During the studies, kristin attended several specialist courses and entered many different photo contests, out of which she won many (AOK, Ökumene.Friedensdekade, Black&White Contest etc.)

After studying Kristin got the chance to learn equestrian Photography by the worlds leading artist in this area – Jaques Toffi (

Next to learning the virtue of catching the horse in exactly the right moment to capture expression and feeling of its movement on an still standing image, Kristin assisted Jaques over the period of several years and – as such – literally learned everything about the equestrian world and its players.

Out of this developed a series of own work for stables Gestüt Berner, Johannenhof, Van Uytert NL, magazines like Reiter Revue & ST.GEORG and not only equestrian related advertising agencies EQUITARIS, Fightclub, MARKENWERFT, Korff & Toffi Produktionen etc.


During the years with Toffi, having visited so many places, hotels and restaurants on the tournaments, Kristin also developed a deep affection for the scenery and setting of these events. This went on to become the second area of her expertise: Architecture, hotels, restaurants and food, where she went to develop several projects such as for Rivergrill, Sonnenpark, Saliba, Restaurant Hala etc. etc

What Clients Are Saying

Mariana Salinas PhD.

Founder Sadhana Works

Mallorca, Spain

"Inga is a light seeker in her life and also in her work. Her camera is an extension of her soul; it highlights with grace and awe the perfect balance of light and shadow in the beauty and magic of creation.

I am forever grateful to her talent and deep commitment to her work."

Alejandro Saralegui


The Madoo Conservancy / Robert Dash

Sagaponack, NY

"I met Inga through a project she was working on in collabaration with
Garden Collage Magazine in NYC.
After the story got published I was deeply touched by the way she could not just use language to describe the spirit of Madoo, but also the way she could capture the essence and soul of Madoo Gardens - the way she could deeply relate and portrait  plants, landscapes and people - everything she saw. So she became my go to photographer here in the Hamptons and NYC.
She is such a gifted and radiant soul with an enormous talent. We truly miss her & her work out east."

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