"Make yourself so happy, so that when other people look at you, they become happy too!" (Yogi Bhajan)





Thank you for your interest in my website, my photography, me.


After living and working in Germany for the first 29 years of my life, I moved to the United States on a quest to find out who I really am and what I really wanted in life to be happy, fulfilled and free.


My passion and talent had always been photography and I always had a strong sense for the beauty in each and everything.

I wanted to capture this beauty to make people feel happy about themselves when they look at their portrait, or at things in a magazine.  Most of the time it is that simple spark in an image which, as well as music, can change your mood and perception and bring so much happiness.


Beginning in 2007, with the inspiration of the American way of living, I started to transform my passion into my current profession.  I assisted several photographers and Film Production companies in Chicago and later in New York and started my own business.


I work with a variety of clients, private and corporate. Inspired by nature, I focus on capturing the essence of my particular object in the photograph and find the soul, which reflects in the style and expression of my pictures.  I believe, that in order to be an authentic photographer, one has to connect on an energetic level and vibrate that pure and raw beauty, which can be found in every living being as well as in any nonliving object. To bring this to the surface has always inspired me.


In this regard, Peter Lindbergh is my biggest idol and he was the reason that photography became my great passion when I was only 14 years old. Meeting him in person in Manhattan in 2016 for a Tiffany Shoot, it was mind opening to me to be able to watch him work his tenderness, depth, intelligence, soft and sweetness. Finding out that he himself is meditating every morning and evening for 40 years now confirmed the depth one can see in his uncompeted style, depth and spirit of photography.


I have published many photodocumentaries and photojournalistic articles.   I was featured regularly in the Garden Collage Magazine (http://gardencollage.com/?s=inga+howe-geniesse) and other publications including the Wallstreet Journal, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, and the Hamptons Magazine.  I also worked with several production companies and showcased a couple of traveling photo exhibitions. OUR FACES was a trifold exhibition, which premiered in Chicago and showcased 50 Foster Children/ Orphans. The focus was a trifold look into their souls. First through the lense (focused on their eyes as they were the mirror to the soul), second by a piece of artwork (each of the kids had to create what their individual dream for life was), and third by an interview (I held with each of them).


When I visited the slums of Manila and Cebu, Philippines and Nairobi, Kenya, I produced a photodocumentation for a short documentary film. I focused on telling the story of their REALITY and was amazed, how each of the individuals I photographed could tell a story of happiness despite their daily struggle for survival and their overall hardship.


Most of these photographs were used in a documentary film about poverty called; I AM YOU, which was presented during several charity fundraisers throughout the US and some film festivals. The funds raised were given to an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya and secured the children's education. 


Besides being a Photographer, I am an Aquarian Age Kundalini Teacher, KRI certified and a passionate Gong player.


Photography and Kundalini accompany each other extremely well, as both work on your inner focus and clarity and the goal is always to connect on the soul level and bring out the best in others.


I recently moved back to Germany with my American husband and daughter and relocated in Schleswig-Holstein.


Please email me anytime for further questions!


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